Electronic Cigarette

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Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarette, e-liquid, rebuildable atomizers from Gold Drive. Our new e-shop, which we now introduce to you, will not only enable new way of online payments through several gates but also much better administration of our E-Smokers Club, definition of various price levels for wholesale orders, direct connection to facebook page, and better publication of info articlec on electronic cigarettes. The previous e-shop which you weere used to will still run for some time at www.elektronickacigareta.cz before it definitely leaves for Internet retirement - of course, the orders made through the old e-shop will be handled as quickly as the orders through the new one. All existing customers registrations were tranfered to the new e-shop too.

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In April 2012 it is going to be 5 years since we, first in the Czech Republic, introduced at that time a world novelty - electronic cigarette. Five years is a long time in the technology development and electronic cigarettes from those ancient times of e-smoking are very different in design and functions from today´s newest models. Because we "witnessed" this development very closely - from the first e-cigarette model till present-day models with displays - we have in our in-house "museum of electronic cigarettes" almost all types and models which have ever been introduced to the market.

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